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What is ERT using the Amanae Technique?

The mission of ERT/Amanae is to "empower people to lift the walls which separate us from our true nature by teaching us to breathe consciously, be present in our bodies, and feel and express emotions in an authentic and safe way."

Emotional Release Bodywork using the AMANAE Technique helps to liberate stuck energy; and provides the perfect opportunity to explore unique aspects of yourself and develop new, positive skills. There are many doorways throughout our physical body and using techniques like muscle manipulation and pressure points combined with conscious breathing, these doorways can be opened.

Our workshops offer a unique and powerful experience that nurtures a strong foundation of self-awareness and personal growth. Through this experiential learning, you will be able to create an environment that enables your clients to open up to a deeper level of self-awareness, growth, and healing. Our commitment to creating a safe space to explore, grow, and heal, is what makes us stand out.

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