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What is ERT using the Amanae Technique?

The mission of ERT/Amanae is to empower people to "Lift the Walls" which separate us from our true nature by teaching us to breathe consciously, be present in our bodies, and feel and express emotions in an authentic and safe way.

Emotional Release Bodywork using the AMANAE Technique helps to liberate stuck energy. There are many doorways throughout our physical body and using certain techniques like muscle manipulation and pressure points combined with conscious breathing, these doorways can be opened. In general, different areas hold certain issues or emotions, so once the doorway is opened, the stuck energy can be shifted and released from the body.

This work empowers us to meet ourselves in a very profound and sacred way while being witnessed. It requires

commitment to ourselves! The practitioner works "with you" not "on you", the practitioner holds space for you and stays connected to what is happening with you, while you do the work to see yourself. 

DSC_9963 - Open Hand Holding Back.jpg
Emotional Release Therapy

Hands On Transformational Bodywork


Learn to allow your body to feel and express emotions in an authentic, safe way.

By releasing repressed emotions held within the body, you can activate self healing. 

This body therapy can renew a connection to life and emotional wholeness.

For additional information about this work and some sample videos , as well as a list of Certified Practitioners, please visit

Lifting Walls - Emotional Release Bodywork & Massage Therapy

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