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Melissa Moore


My name is Melissa and my journey of self exploration and commitment to the work of my spiritual growth led me to a form of bodywork called Emotional Release Therapy using the AMANAE technique. 

Understanding that feelings and emotions are reflected in the body posture and behavior of an individual, and that blocked or suppressed energy over time causes habitual patterns of muscle tension and postural misalignment. Using bodywork and breathwork as a system capable of bringing up buried emotions to the surface, allows us the chance to release repressed emotions held deep within our bodies which in turn reveals a lighter more authentic sense of being.

I have always been drawn to the Healing Arts in one form another and have spent my career life as a practicing Allied Health Clinician and Instructor imparting my knowledge and skills to help others attain their goals.

I truly believe in the benefits of treating yourself to some form of bodywork as it will improve your overall health by acting directly on the muscular, nervous, circulatory, and lymphatic (immune) systems by relieving stress, increasing circulation, aiding relaxation, and creating body awareness to name a few. 

As a practitioner of this work, it is my honor, to not only hold space for you, but to also witness your process.  

I can also help you find a practitioner near you.

In Love 

Melissa Moore, ERT, CMT, CCMA, CPT1

Educator & Practitioner

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