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Massage Therapy

Massage is a therapy involved with movement of energy in the body. It is a method of manipulating soft tissue using compression and traction for therapeutic, palliative, and self-care purposes. Its uses and benefits date back to prehistoric times. There are many benefits to massage therapy including management of a variety of medical conditions. These effects can be specific, such a reduction of lower back pain or general such as an overall feeling of well-being and improved quality of life. Overall, massage influences all of our body systems as everything is interrelated and changes in one body system affect all others. Massage has also been shown to influence our psychological aspects such as decreasing stress, depression, and anxiety by releasing tension and promoting relaxation. The effects of massage on pain and fatigue are whole body affects, and studies suggest massage also improves sleep.​ By releasing tension, stress, and structural imbalances in the body, massage can be a great way to improve wellness, reduce pain and play an important role of a health maintenance program.​​​​​​

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